Calypso stylus kit now available on any PC

It is now so simple to assemble and view stylus systems for your applications on any PC with the new Stylus System Creator (SSC) standalone software. It is as flexible as a CAD system, only much easier. Our extensive component library contains all the requisite parts.

The software is not bound to a CMM computer, but rather can be installed on any workstation. No additional software package is needed. The .ssc files generated by SSC Standalone can be used directly in the Calypso Planner simulation software and in Caligo to create measuring plans and simulations.

PDF documentation at the click of a button

You create PDF documentation for your stylus systems in the SSC at the click of a button. If desired, you can also print out parts lists, views or assembly drawings. You can choose the language in the process. This saves time!

Order styli directly in the Webshop

Take advantage of another clever function: by right-clicking a component in the SSC, you are immediately redirected to the article in our Webshop. If you are registered there and have logged in, you will even be able to immediately see the prices. You can therefore order directly online or request a quote.



Access to the download area

You are not logged in at the moment. Please log in to download the SSC software and library updates and obtain further information.

As a registered user, you can directly download the software, request a free 30-day test license or request a quote for a full version.

If you don’t have an account, you can register now.

View Calypso Planner stylus systems on any PC

The SSC Viewer enables you to view stylus systems created with the Stylus System Creator (SSC) for simulations in the Calypso Planner simulation package. Important: With the SSC Viewer, you now also have the option of viewing these stylus systems on workstations that do not have a Calypso Planner installation.

Find individual parts of a stylus system in the online catalog

You can connect to our online catalog very easily by right-clicking a stylus or another component. The selected component is displayed there. If you register as a user on the Webshop, you can even see prices and availability. This of course only works if you have an internet connection. It could not be more convenient.

Free software for your documentation

The SSC Viewer is free of charge. If you create stylus systems with the Stylus System Creator and store them on your server, you can retrieve documentation for your stylus systems upon demand, because you see the complete parts list of the stylus system in the Viewer. You will no longer need to print out stylus documentation. This saves time and a laborious change service.


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